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What to Expect

Expect to have some fun. 

I understand kids--they need warming up, they need breaks, and they need snacks! So, I won't rush you through your session. Expect that it will take at least an hour and sometimes two, depending on the day. We will meet somewhere that is comfortable--maybe your house, perhaps a park, even an open field down the road. Before your session we will discuss the settings that contribute to great images and reflect the unique personality of your children and your family.

As for clothing--wear what you feel most comfortable in, something that makes you feel gorgeous. Dress your children in clothes that they love. Years from now the little dress or "that shirt" will bring back as many memories as the smiles that we capture. Don't worry much about matching, it tends to all work out OK without too much thought. It is a great idea to bring hats, umbrellas, "jewels," dress up clothes, or ride on toys that your child loves (or that you love them in!). And if you are confused or have too many wonderful options, bring a few choices and we can pick together or change during the sitting.

I will capture candid moments and try for poses you might want. I will talk to you, and talk you out of your prepared smile. The kids often think of something great, and I am up for it all.

It is possible that I might ask you to indulge me with a few minutes alone with your children. This is just to get to know them, and to capture their personalities as we chat.

I guarantee that working together we will create fantastic images that will capture the many moods and facets of your child. Images that your family will treasure forever.

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