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About Lisa

I am in awe of kids. From the time I was one myself, I was fascinated by them--and I am still that way today. 


Taking photos of children is a natural outgrowth of my curiosity about their perspective, their personalities and their experiences.


When I take photos of your children and your family, I am not simply looking for technical excellence--I want you to see your child in the photo. I want you to see their beauty, their moods, and their expressions. Missing a front tooth? Cast on her arm? Ice cream all over his face? They are all memories. One day you will be thrilled to have a record of your toddler who was into everything, the last years she would let you call her "your little girl," your first grader with a toothless grin, your baby who put everything in his mouth.


Family photos that reflect the joy of your connections. The sparkle in your eyes that only your child brings to you. The special comfort that only a parent provides. The links between your hearts. And the simple pleasures of your everyday life together.


Photos that are not just beautiful, but spirited--that is what I am constantly striving to give you.





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